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Managing Challenging Communications

This e-learning course will help you become more comfortable with some of the most challenging kind of communications in veterinary practice

Tricky Clinical Encounters

Learn how to deal with angry clients, cost conversations, and emotional conversations you have during a typical day in practice

Telephone and Text Communication

Learn how to harness the power of two of the greatest efficiency-building means of communication with clients

Cost Conversations

No one likes to deal with cost concerns, but they are often brought up in practice. This lesson will help you rise to the challenge and support the value of your services.

Lessons in this Course

This course will help you build your skills in 4 key areas of veterinary team communication: 1. Orchestrating an Effective Consultation, 2. Tricky clinical encounters, 3. Telephone and text communication, and 4. Team cohesion in communication.


Orchestrating an Effective Consultation


Mastering Telephone and Text Communication